A helping hand

Yesterday during my Java class, I took a water break and a walk down the corridor. Not too far from my class, I met 3 students from my C++ class who were working on a presentation for their Health & Safety class on Health, Safety and Environmental Hazards at one of the University’s other campuses. They were sitting in the corridor trying to complete this assignment, so I invited them to use the computers at the back of my Java class to complete their work. When my Java class ended, I enquired about the nature of the project and if they needed any assistance. I know they are not extremely proficient in Microsoft Powerpoint so I offered to help them put the project together. While working on the presentation, we noticed some grammatical errors in the main document which was initially submitted. I suggested they correct those errors and submit a printed copy to the lecturer before the presentation. While I had work scheduled for last night after my class, sometimes it’s good to be a bit selfless. I knew it would have taken them a lot longer to complete the Powerpoint presentation had I not provided some assistance. They were indeed grateful and I hope they do well in the presentation this afternoon. I’ll take a few minutes away from my Java class and pop in their class for a few minutes to see how the presentation goes.