No Major Goals In Sight

This post is in total contrast to what I’ve written in the past. It’s not planned and I honestly can’t say when my next blog post will be. The past couple of months have not gone according to plan and have been filled with quite a number of life lessons. I wish I could say that I know exactly where I’m going from here but honestly I have no major goals in sight, which is a bit weird for me to acknowledge. It’s just one day at a time for me right now with plans that extend to maybe the next week or so. I’ve never really lived life quite this way but it’s the best thing for me to do at the moment. I’ve always been raised to believe that if I fail to plan, plan to fail but what if my plans that were so well planned out, still fail. Is this actually worse than not planning and just letting things happen? I’m not as sure about life as I once was and approaching 32 feeling this way is a bit scary. I’m a huge fan of The Minimalists and three of their articles entitled Accomplishments Without Goals, Moving Beyond Goals and Living Without Goals help ease my mind and reassure me that I’m not a total failure for having no major goals right now in my life. I think most of us would like to have a huge impact on this world we live in and be rewarded for it in a spectacular financial way, thus allowing us to continue to impact the world. Most of us would love to do great things and be recognized for our hard work and dedication. It may sound weak of me to say I’ve given up on some of my goals and to say that, really cannot fairly describe how I feel but I do think for the most part, I was not living in the now and it started to wreak havoc in so many areas of my life. Planning can do that to you. It can force you to lose sight of what is happening in the now because you are consumed with creating for the future. So many events and situations have brought me back to writing a blog post this morning and as I mentioned before, I honestly don’t know when next I’ll be writing another post. For now, I intend to complete the work I have set out for today and pray that I wake to see another day.