Keep Trying

Some may think I’m a bit too forgiving. If someone has wronged me I would usually forgive immediately or take some time to allow that person back into my life. This approach is truly being tested with one person in my life. We’ve had our ups and downs and ever so often we will have some disagreement and I’ll place distance between us. Recently I’ve decided to start making contact with this person, not too often but on average once a week. I understand the personality of the individual and while I can anticipate most things based on past experience, I still give the benefit of the doubt and hope the person’s actions may one day be different. Sometimes we have to acknowledge that personality differences may challenge the relationships we have with others and we may not be able to interact with someone the way we would truly like to. I acknowledge there is a connection between myself and every thing and and every person in existence and understanding the purpose of that connection is of great importance to me. Even though I may distance myself ever so often, it is a long term goal to keep trying to make the relationship work.