Student Opinion

I have mentioned before my desire to help create a course at the University which focuses on iOS Application Development as well as a few other courses. This week I received confirmation that the iOS Application Development course will be taught in the semester from September to December later this year…this makes me very excited. Before I received confirmation, I have been asking students for their opinions about courses and service at the University and unfortunately the responses have been more negative than positive. One of the main complaints with the programming courses is that there isn’t enough actual programming done in the classroom. As a result, every class I lecture focuses mainly on practical work. The theory is touched on as an introduction but I rely on the students to do additional reading after the concept is grasped from the practical work done in class. This is more so with the Design Patterns Course I developed for the Bachelor’s programme this semester. Yesterday I spoke with the second Design Patterns class about the iOS Application Development course and I asked for their opinions. Most of them were not pleased with the way the Android course was delivered so it was important that I find out what exactly disappointed them to ensure they feel contented after completing the iOS Application Development course. This conversation with the students left me with a lot more information than I expected. It reminded me of my time studying and how I saw so many changes that could have been made to the degree programs I did to help improve the service the students received. I will continue to ask for students’ opinion while developing the course over the next few months and also try to find out what other courses they would like to see as part of the Degree Programme. I am now able to create the change I wanted to see many years ago, so it’s important that I do as much as I can to improve the learning experience of the students while I’m lecturing at the University.



Yesterday before lecturing my Java class, I had a really great conversation with a friend I have a great amount of love for. He currently lives in Boston but has lived in New York for most of his years. His mom isn’t well at the moment and he decided to move to Boston to be with her during her time of need. When we spoke yesterday, he reminded me that I have one mother and I should stay in Trinidad and be here for her in her time of need. It would indeed be heartbreaking to know I walked away from family to pursue my professional goals when my family needed me the most. I will still follow my dream but for now I need to assess what’s most important and most valuable to me. To hear him talk about his professional sacrifice for the sake of an ill parent was quite humbling for me. Having had the goal of being an iOS Developer in the UK for such a long time has made so focused on achieving it, that very little could stop me from leaving but thanks to the wise words of a very dear friend I have made a bit of a detour in my journey. I have the following affirmation on my bedroom wall that I constantly say to myself “I follow my dreams no matter what”, and I need to remind myself that slowing down and postponing may sometimes be a good thing.

FOCUS – Follow One Course Until Success

Focus is the word of the week for me. I listen to Entrepreneur On Fire or Quotes on Fire Podcasts with John Lee Dumas almost every day. In most of the podcasts, he gives his meaning of the word FOCUS, which is Follow One Course Until Success and I quite like this explanation. For now, I’ve had to shift my focus from securing an iOS Developer role in the UK to my ill mother. I was placed in this exact situation in May of this year and now five months later I’m in the same predicament. I’ll be slowing down the job applications for a bit but I’ll continue to write blog posts about my other work and develop this blog in the way I visual it to be within a year from now. I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason and it only lasts for a season, so it’s up to me to read the signs and figure out what I’m not doing that I should be doing and vice versa as well as what changes in my life need to be made, if any. For now I’ll focus on family and my work here in Trinidad. I’ll also seek out work as an iOS Developer working remotely for companies in the UK from Trinidad for the time being, it’s the best compromise I can think of at the moment.