The Interview after the job

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been talking about my lecturing duties at the University of Trinidad and Tobago. I previously lectured at the University from January 2008 for almost 3 years and I have always maintained great relationships with the staff at the organisation. So when I decided to go back to lecture part time, I sent an email to one of the program directors indicating my interest and that was it. Due to the fact that part time lecturers are always needed and sometimes at the last minute, the recruitment process can a bit different at times. In my case, I was hired and have been working for almost 2 months, without pay of course and now my interview is today. It may sound a bit crazy to many but I guess when there are students to be taught, having an instructor present is more important than protocol. I guess it also helped that I previously lectured one of the courses I was assigned to teach, back in 2008. Once everything goes well today, I will be issued a contract and be financially compensated for all my work done thus far. When I was initially informed of the process, I must admit I was a bit confused but I totally understand now that the education of the students is of greater priority when time to follow protocol is not really an option.


Interview Issues

Today I scheduled an online interview for 4AM (Trinidad & Tobago time). The interview was first rescheduled by me due to an unbelievable headache from my new specs and last week it was again postponed as the company was moving to a new office and encountered some issues with the Internet. Today I’m not sure what happened but I’ll make contact with the company later today to find out what took place. These things happen and when they do I immediately try to see the positive. Firstly, it allowed me to leave home at 5AM today to get my morning workout at the gym before heading to the office, otherwise I would have probably left home at 5:15AM/5:30AM. Secondly, it gives me more time to prepare. I must admit that my schedule has been pretty crazy for the past couple of weeks with everything that’s going on and I welcome any additional time for reviewing Objective-C & Swift Concepts. While I’ll be busy this weekend with the Dragon Boat Regatta here in Trinidad, competing with my team “The Vikings” on Saturday and Sunday, I’ll focus on interview preparation from next week Monday.

Technical Interview

This morning I had a technical interview that did not go too well. I reviewed concepts such as GCD, Blocks, Debugging, Instruments, NSOperations, NSOperationQueues, Design Patterns, Memory Management and I even reviewed some popular Libraries especially AFNetworking, in preparation for the interview. The interview was mainly about memory management though. Sometimes I feel as if technical interviews are a hit and miss and those conducted outside the Xcode environment in a simple notepad type interface isn’t really a fair assessment. One of the best technical interviews I’ve ever had was from a company in London that gave me an API key for access to their API and asked me to build part of their application with some functionality and return the code within a period of time. This makes sense to me as this is what will be done if I’m on the job. Nevertheless, I love technical interviews for the fact that they help me to see which concepts I do not have a full handle on and which concepts some companies focus on as part of their development. While I started coding with Objective-C when ARC was introduced, I still have some understanding of MRC. Unfortunately, I think my lack of experience with MRC worked to my disadvantage today. Fortunately for me, I have another online interview scheduled for tomorrow morning for which I will place some more emphasis on reviewing MRC.

Interview Preparation

I haven’t made any posts for the past 2 days. Wednesday was a holiday in my country and I spent the entire day reviewing notes and code in preparation for an Interview on Thursday and on Friday with 2 different companies. I also scored 80% on an online exam for iOS7 Application Programming from International Knowledge Measurement which was sent to me by recruiter Kiri O’Brien. The exam was over 2 hours long with 51 questions and unfortunately I lost a bit of focus drawing closer to the end of the exam. On Thursday, I had an online interview with a company in the Netherlands which went quite well according to me and the interviewer and the recruiter was quite pleased. The company representative was so pleased, that we’re moving to the second stage of the interview…the first technical test…yeppy. I scheduled the interview during my lunch hour then realised the night before that Skype may have been blocked at my office. I decided to have the interview at home then go to work for the second half of the day and that was a smart move as Skype is really blocked on our network. Today my interview was at 7:30AM Trinidad and Tobago time and it also went well. The interview was with a startup in London that’s still in the initial phases of acquiring funding and setting up business and they are looking for a CTO/iOS Developer, which sounds quite interesting. This interview also went quite well. I decided that I’ll schedule my online interviews for 3:30AM/4:00AM (Trinidad and Tobago time), which is 8:30AM/9:00AM (London Time) so I can still keep my regular daily routine for most of the day without thinking too much about having to take time out from work or sacrificing my lunch hour for an online interview. This weekend into next week I plan on updating my apps and preparing for my technical interview next week.

Rescheduling an Interview

There was an interview I had scheduled for yesterday at noon which I unfortunately had to reschedule. On Thursday, I picked up my new specs and I’ve had a headache since then. I was told there may be a slight adjustment period of about a week for new specs but the pain and discomfort I felt was unbelievable and the pain killer I took did not work. I felt bad about asking the Co-Founder of a really cool app, that I think the world is going to absolutely love, to reschedule an interview but he was quite understanding. I wonder if it’s better to go through with an interview not feeling 100% or to reschedule. Do recruiters and employers view rescheduling an interview in a negative way or is it good sign that someone can identify that something will not work out right now and propose a later date?