Daily Inspiration

For a while now I’ve been receiving daily inspirational emails from the Napoleon Hill Foundation. It’s been about a year now since I’ve subscribed to them and I am most thankful for the daily inspiration I receive every morning. There is also the Facebook Page that can be liked and followed so posted content appears in your feed. I first became greatly interested in Napoleon Hill in early 2013 and his teachings have been a great inspiration to me. I purchased audio books, electronic books as well as printed copies. Napoleon Hill is probably most famous for saying “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve“. Today’s inspiration is about “Nature yielding her most profound secrets to those who are determined to uncover them.” It goes as follows “The field of science is perhaps the best illustration of how success always seems to come to those who apply the principle of accurate thinking in a persistent, determined effort. America’s great inventor Thomas A. Edison is said to have failed 10,000 times in his attempt to develop a workable electric light bulb. He learned from each failure and refused to quit until he succeeded. Breakthroughs occur every day because a determined person continues to search for solutions to complex problems long after everyone else has given up and gone home. You may not invent the light bulb or the next supercomputer, but you can find creative solutions to old problems if you apply the proven principles of success consistently and persistently.” I am sure after reading this anyone can smile and think about some experience where this has proven to be true. I usually repost these daily inspirations to my My Facebook Page for my friends who do not subscribe to the site. I’ve even received messages from a few friends thanking me for the postings. While I subscribed to the site for daily inspiration for myself, sharing the daily quote and seeing how it inspires my friends have brought me more satisfaction than I ever expected. Thank you again Napoleon Hill.


Be an inspiration

On Tuesday morning, one of my students contacted me to let me know how much of an inspiration I am to him and he wants to know my secret…lol. How is it possible for me to have so much energy for a 5PM to 9PM class after waking up around 4AM, going to the gym and working an 8AM to 4PM job. He wanted to know what my main source of motivation was and why. I honestly have to give thanks for that one cup of coffee I have around mid-morning or mid-day and my 20-30 minute power nap I sometimes take during my lunch hour, for helping me make it through the day. I know being vegetarian and eating one cooked meal a day with everything else being raw fruits and vegetables, also helps significantly with my energy level. I also try to consume meals that require as little digestion time as possible and foods with a low glycemic index that will not spike my insulin level. This student wanted a detailed outline of what my day was like lol. While I sometimes think I haven’t accomplished as much as I should have, there are still people who think I have done so much for my age. I constantly believe in challenging myself to see how much I can really take, so once in a while, I’ll purposely step up the stress in my life. This may seem silly to some but at least I am in control of the situation. I believe this prepares me for stressful situations that are unexpected and which I have less control over.

Yesterday, I called a friend to check up on him and he also thanked me for some of my Facebook posts. He said that even though I may not know it, those quotes resonate really deeply within some of my profile friends and provide such great inspiration. There is always someone watching us, so it’s important to let the best in us shine and quietly work on the “not so great” qualities to become a better person. We’re not only changing our lives but inspiring changes in others.