You decide your mood

So many times we’ve blamed someone else for how we feel, either that person has made us unhappy or angry. In the past I’ve had people do things that left me a bit disappointed and I found myself saying, why is this person doing things to make me unhappy or angry. I remember reading Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth some years ago and one of the things from the book that stuck with me was when we accept the responsibility for something, it gives us the power to change it. It’s important that we decide how to react to a situation. Saying that someone has done something to hurt us and has made us angry or sad is giving that person the responsibility to make us happy or the authority to decide whether we’re happy or not. You are responsible for your happiness. I recently found myself in a similar situation and then I remembered, no one but me has power over my emotions. I allowed myself to feel all those negative emotions, I allowed myself to get upset and to feel hurt and therefore I have the power to make myself feel happy and stay that way. It may be a challenge to accept such responsibility for someone’s action when it is probably quite clear that those actions can be viewed as unfair. People will always do what they want to do but it’s up to you to decide how you will react. You have a choice, either you decide to be happy for you, for your goals, for the people around you and most importantly for your health, or you allow the actions of others to constantly control your emotions and thus your life. There’s no point calling this life your own if it’s being controlled by the actions of others.


A balanced life

At the beginning of December, my part-time lecturing duties will come to an end for this semester. This will give me some more time to update my apps and think of new projects. I will be making some personal and professional changes for 2015 which would give me more time to rest at night and bring more balance to my life. I currently get less than 6 hours sleep on most nights even though my ultimate time is 6-7 hours which I can wake up from without an alarm clock and have great performance throughout the day without that need for my morning cup of Joe. I would still continue lecturing, coding and working on my business but I need to also ensure that I am able to spend more time with my family. While my mom has been slowly recovering, I have been thinking about changes to make in my life that would be benefit my health and the relationships in my life. I am currently single with no children, so that gives me tons of flexibility and time for work but balance is important in life. I will continue to work every day of the week but I’ll definitely cut down the number of hours on Saturdays to 8-10 and Sundays to about 2-4 to spend more time with the people I love and focus more on spirituality. I am quite comfortable working 10-12 hour days on weekdays so I’ll be keeping things this way until I have a reason to change it. Ever since I’ve known myself, I’ve enjoyed working hard and smart but knowing that I will one day be leaving Trinidad, I should also use the opportunity while I’m here to communicate with and visit the people most dear to me a bit more often.

Introduction to C++ Programming

Yesterday’s C++ class was so exciting. Firstly I decided to structure the exam from last week a bit differently and give the students the opportunity to have a retake. The initial quiz was mainly free text and I don’t think that worked very well. After the exam, the students finally had the opportunity to create their first HelloWorld program using C++. Last minute I decided to change the way I would start them coding. I wanted to explain more about the types of editors, the compiler, linking and how a program goes from words in an editor to a working application. However, I realised it would probably be better for them to start a simple program and when the concepts are explained, have something to refer those concepts to. I must admit, for a group of electrical engineers in training, they were quite excited about building applications. I focused mainly on input (cin) and output (cout) and two data types, string and int. A few of the students even improvised and extended on the practical work done in the class session, which I was very happy to see. The class finished around 8:35PM last night as the energy was so good in the room. If it wasn’t for my 4:00AM wake up time this morning and the campus security patiently waiting outside the classroom door to close the room, I would have probably carried the class until 9:00PM. I’m excited for next week’s class and I hope the students are as well.