Grown Habits

I remember being younger, more specifically in my late teens and early twenties and complaining about things older folks did. Why couldn’t they just change their ways or do things differently. As I’m in my thirties now, I’m starting to realise that as we age, we develop habits that we’re sometimes not even aware of. Also changing some of those habits could be quite a challenge, especially if we’ve been doing them for quite some time. I recently started dating someone and it’s been interesting how he’s been able to highlight aspects of my personality that I’ve never noticed. Some of these qualities I’m actually quite ashamed of and know that I need to work on and some are just simple little quirks. I complained about things my parents or elders did when I was younger and as I’m older now, I’m starting to realise that changing some of those habits is not always the easiest thing to do as you’ve become comfortable with your way of living. This is a gentle reminder for me to not judge others as it’s very easy for me to end up in the same predicament I once judged someone¬†harshly for. Having someone analyse you when you think you’ve been doing so many things the right way, when in fact you haven’t, is a real eye-opener. I’m enjoying my time with my new guy so far and I’m thankful for his openness and honesty and I hope it’s something that will be well reciprocated by him when I need to highlight some of his quirks.