It Could Have Been Worse

Yesterday on my way to work I felt extremely tired. The night before, most of my time I spent coughing from the flu I picked up during Carnival and I was also itching from my food allergies that flared up. To put it simply, my night’s rest did not include much rest. While driving to work I struggled to focus on the road and my eyes burnt immensely. When I started to park my vehicle, I averaged incorrectly and I scratched the left front rim of my car. I continued to park, then sat in the car for a few minutes with a very sick feeling in my stomach. I cringed at the thought of the mishap but eventually I came out of the car and dealt with the reality. I snapped a picture of it and sent it to the guy I’m currently seeing, I’ll refer to him as Martin. I called Martin with the hopes that he’ll help comfort me a bit but I got more of a reality check with that call. He did try his best to make me feel better, then he said, “Honey you scratched your rim today and I lost my car in an accident 2 months ago, it could have been worse, you could have been injured.” Talk about putting things into perspective. Sometimes we fuss about our pains, not remembering it could have been worse or someone out there has it worse than us. We want things to remain so perfect and cannot accept when things go wrong or see the lesson in the experience. There is no such thing as a coincidence and I truly believe the Universe is trying to remind me of something with this situation. I initially wanted to have the scratch fixed but I’m not sure I will. While my the left front rim on my car does not look as perfect as the others, it’s a gentle reminder to me every time I look at it, that things could have been worse, so be thankful for what I have and the way things are.


A weekend of work

The title of this post should speak for itself. I spent the weekend working at my office at the National Insurance Board of Trinidad and Tobago (NIBTT). I decided to start working at the office on weekends to aid in improving my zeal towards my work at NIBTT. On Saturday I focused on a sample Java Project implementing log4j2 for one of my co-workers and some text field validation using Dojo. I previously did this log4j2 project but for some strange reason I was unable to locate it on my machine. On Sunday I worked on preparing for my classes this week at the University. I completed and uploaded the online exam for my students on the Software Development Life Cycle using the classmarker online exam site and I also worked on the powerpoint presentation for the class scheduled after the exam. This week in my C++ class, I’ll be focusing on introducing the students to how C++ programs are created and executed in a C++ environment. I’ll be explaining concepts such as preprocessing, compiling, linking, loading and execution. While I understand that most of the students would prefer to jump straight into coding, I think this is a fundamental aspect of programming that should be covered. It’s an area that was overlooked when I first started coding with Pascal many, many years ago lol. For my Java class this week, I’ll be finishing the Observer Design Pattern. I gave the students some code for a Lab to complete and this week I will go through all the code in the various classes explaining how the outcome is achieved. There will only be one Java class this week as my country will be celebrating the Divali holiday on Thursday, so it’s important that I utilise the 3 hours for this class as best as possible to stay on time with my teaching schedule.