Children and their environment

It has been stated in many forums that the first 7 years of a child’s life is crucial to the development of their character. Yesterday before my C++ class, I engaged in a bit of conversation with one of my students. He currently lives in an area of the country that is quite known for drug and gang related activities and we were discussing some of the common traits of people within those areas. He has a 2 year old daughter who lives with him and his parents and he wanted to purchase a particular item for her. I mentioned to him that it’s predominantly persons of a particular class who see those things as important and maybe he should reconsider his choice. He agreed that all of the men in his area were purchasing those items for their kids so he saw nothing wrong with it. He also explained that it’s almost impossible for him to have a discussion with his friends in the area about the work he is pursuing at the University as most of them will not even have a clue about anything he is currently studying. It’s as if they see no other way of living than what they’ve been shown. After some persuading on my part, he agreed with what I was trying to say about the choice of item for his daughter. Even though we were born into a particular way of living, it’s important that we constantly try to elevate ourselves and the standards of the generations to come. He mentioned that his goal was to have his own home outside of that area, within the next 5 years. I definitely applaud his efforts as a 26 year old man coming from that part of our country.

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