Food and Discipline

In a previous post, I made mention of my limitations with my food options. For health reasons, I must stay away from dairy, gluten(wheat/flour), soy, nuts, grains, caffeine and sugar. I’ll be honest, I have not been 100% strict with the caffeine and sugar. In comparison to the average person, my sugar intake is quite low and my caffeine intake has been restricted to one cup of organic earl grey tea a day. The past two days were extremely frustrating for me…I craved so many of the things I couldn’t eat. Around 5PM yesterday, I gave in to the temptation and Martin bought me a frozen dessert made from coconut milk. Everything except the 20g of sugar per serving in this dessert was fine, even the coconut milk was a huge plus. Being disciplined with food, especially sweet treats is a difficult challenge for most people. I pretty much avoid all the cakes, ice cream, pastries, chocolates and snacks that we should avoid and most fruits because of the sugar. The reality is that the world is addicted to sugar. I’ve read numerous articles and watched several videos that discuss the fact that most individuals consume way more than the recommended daily intake of sugar and that sugar may be even more addictive or just as addictive as cocaine. Due to the effect sugar has on my body, it’s not something I can consume often, so this frozen treat can probably happen once a month, if at all that often. I found a recipe online for home made coconut milk ice cream which I will be trying in the near future, so I’ll let you know how that turns out. While I’ve been forced to be discipline with my diet, there are many people out there who struggle with simple things like bread and coffee, I myself have struggled with coffee in the past. I’ve replaced bread with rice cakes and coffee can be replaced with Chicory Root. Being disciplined with food is no easy task and it’s helpful when you have a solid support system, so I’m thankful I now have a partner who is supportive and willing to adopt some of my quirky eating habits to so that I can be healthy and he can also benefit.


Food…Friend or Foe

Since I’ve known myself I’ve never really been fond of meat. As a child, my mom knew I preferred legumes over meat to the point where I would be contented simply eating an entire bowl of lentils as a meal. Throughout my childhood, my diet consisted of, what I will now consider, excessive amounts of dairy, wheat and sugar. Every morning before school I would experience tummy cramps after breakfast. As I grew older and had more control over my diet, my dairy consumption dropped a bit, but my sugar and wheat consumption slightly increased. At the age of 18, I gave up all chicken, beef, pork and all other meats with the exception of sea food. Essentially I was a pescetarian and I started to include soy into my diet to replace the meat I no longer ate. I noticed that my body was not quite happy with me after consuming soy and I would experience excessive bloating, gas and indigestion. I also noticed those symptoms after consuming dairy, wheat and some sweet snacks. Around the age of 26, my body could no longer tolerate soy and most wheat products. The discomfort experienced is one I do not wish on my worst enemy. While I continued to consume dairy and wheat in small quantities ever so often, the ending of 2013 really pushed my body to a new level. It seems as if the consumption of dairy, wheat, soy, legumes and excessive sugar over the years caused severe damage to the lining of my gut. My body broke out in rashes that caused immense discomfort, itching, pain and embarrassment. I experienced a slight anaphylactic shock after consuming a cheese sandwich in April 2014 and that was the last time cheese entered my body. It took me a while to figure out what was happening to me. I even received an incorrect diagnosis from a doctor who prescribed antibiotics which clearly worsened my situation.

I am a firm believer that the body is meant to heal itself once it’s treated the way it should. Throughout the process of figuring out what was wrong with me, unfortunately through trial and error, I learned a lot about food. I learned so much about the food that most humans consume on a daily basis that are so damaging to their bodies. I also learned the importance of food combinations, how damaging sugar, dairy and wheat (gluten) can be to the body, the role of so many supplements in healing and sustaining the body and about Autoimmune Diseases. Autoimmune Diseases have truly become an epidemic in today’s society as it can manifest as many different diseases. By following an autoimmune disease diet plan I’ve been able to manage my health most of the time. I have limited my fruit, carbohydrate, alcohol and caffeine intake, reduced my food options to a handful of options eating almost the same thing every day and I constantly read labels when grocery shopping for new items to include in my diet. Honestly, there are a few food items I absolutely love and if I must have them I try to make sure I have no flare ups that can be worsened by consuming it. I’m still learning more about food and how it can be used to help or harm the body and this will be definitely be a continuous learning process.