God First

My both grandmothers always said that God is a jealous God. I didn’t quite understand what they meant growing up but as I experience more of life, that statement means more to me. It’s tempting to put so many things before God, like our jobs, our possessions, our relationships, our spouses, our friends, our children even our debt. Once we begin to do that we can eventually find problems in those areas of our lives. Set your mind, your heart and your everything on God and all else will fall into place. If there is a problem, focus on God and the solution will come, focusing on the problem does nothing to alleviate it. I’ve been reminded of this lesson so many times in life and for some strange and yet stupid reason I am yet to understand, I keep making the same mistake over and over by focusing on the problem.

I focus on God, I pray, I fast, I meditate, I give of myself to others, I drown myself in the Lord and when I’m blessed with that thing I so desire, I focus so much on it and it becomes so important to me that I lose focus on the God who blessed me with it. Over the past year a lot has changed in my life. Unfortunately, so has the time I would spend praying, fasting, meditating and devoting to God. I’m more concerned with my relationships and work that God’s importance in my life has dwindled. It’s quite evident with the challenges I’m currently facing that my priorities are not in order. I’m not proud of this and I’ve been making changes towards correcting it. I hope the measures I’ve decided to take will help me get back on track and keep progressing in the direction where I’m putting GOD FIRST in my life. Where attention goes, energy flows and things grow.



Success and my personal life

This week I had a conversation with my mentor about my personal life and about my family. He asked about my intentions to start a family of my own and what were my thoughts on it. I realised at this point that I’ll have to let my walls down with my mentor. My last serious relationship ended in 2009 and in 2010 I left Trinidad and Tobago for the UK to pursue an MSc in Software Engineering. While studying, my main focus was completing my studies and earning a Distinction, even though I fell short of that goal and was awarded a Merit. Since I returned to Trinidad in 2013, my main focus was building my business and excelling professionally. I have been open to meeting new people but I’m very guarded about that. In the past, I’ve had experiences where I’ve allowed people into my life and they’ve created scenarios that took my focus away from my goals. I’m determined this time around to stay focused on the things I would like to achieve no matter what.

Soon after returning from the UK in 2013, I read Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich and he clearly discusses the importance of love mixed with sex and the positive impact it can have when accomplishing goals and achieving success. At this moment, I realised that love can be a catalyst for achieving the success I want in life, once I choose someone that best suits me. I assured my mentor that in 2015, I will be more open to love and relationships. He reminded me that to be CEO of a company, Prime Minister or President of a country, it is most times required that you be married, so do not underestimate the importance of love, marriage and having a family of my own, as it relates to success. It helps to create a balance in life that is needed and if neglected, can create negative consequences in the long run.