Why Discriminate?

Yesterday evening, one of the students from my databases class asked me to complete a survey for him for a class assignment. The questions on the survey focused on homosexuality, race, gender, religion and discrimination. Now I’m very open when it comes to the sexual and religious preferences of others because I believe it’s about that person’s character. After completing the survey, I asked the student what was the reason for the survey. He said that on the University Campus, discrimination is worse than most people think it is or would like to believe it is. He also mentioned that there were several students in his class who were against his group choosing this topic for the assignment. I understand that many people will not share my view on homosexuality and religion but even though you do not agree with it, it is definitely not a valid reason to disrespect and ill-treat another human being. As most of our grandmothers would have said…“If you have nothing good to say, say nothing”. It’s amazing how people are treated because of their desire to live differently from the masses. I’m not saying that we need to agree, accept or encourage the actions of everyone but I think it’s important that we understand that we also make decisions that others would not agree with. I am very much interested in seeing the results from the survey conducted by the students as well as the project they submit for their Communications class. While everyone else is turning a blind eye to the issue, it’s admirable that they’re trying to raise awareness to help address the issue of discrimination on campus.


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