All The Way To The Top

This weekend, I spent a bit of my Sunday outdoors…totally unplanned. I visited a beautiful river close to my home then I drove a bit further and did a bit of hiking to an old tower used a very long time ago by fire officials for observing the country for fires. The view from the tower was breathtaking but getting to the top wasn’t so easy, as I’m somewhat afraid of heights. As I approached the tower, I was not sure if I would have been able to pass the first flight of steps. I stood under the tower and looked up, asking myself…can I do this or should I simply walk back down. After coming so close, I knew I needed to make an attempt, so I held on to the sides and I began climbing the staircase. After climbing two flights of stairs, I decided to stop looking down. I kept my eyes on the step in front of me and I kept on moving. With one flight of stairs left to reach the top, I sat down. At this point, I was at least 150 meters above sea level and Martin asked if I wanted to stop and go back down, or just keeping going up. I just couldn’t turn back…I was literally 12 steps away from the top of the tower. While sitting there waiting to get to the top, I thought about how many of my goals I gave up on in life, how many I was so close to accomplishing yet I turned my back on them because I was too scared to push to the top or things got in the way, I even thought about my desire to live in London. Now it’s wise to assess our goals ever so often to make sure they still fit in with the overall plan for our life, so I’m not a firm believer in following through with every single goal set. I know it’s also important to realise when something is no longer for you. Looking at each step in front of me and focusing only on that until I get to the top also reminded me that focusing too much on the final outcome and not taking time to appreciate each step along the way can cause me to fall off track. After sitting and thinking for a bit, I got up and I made it to the top of the tower. This was a great accomplishment for me. From the top, I could see more than half of my country. I will be honest…I didn’t spend much time up there but for the brief moment I stayed, I felt a great sense of accomplishment for making it all the way to the top.


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