Experiences and Possessions

It’s Carnival season here in Trinidad and Tobago. I love this time of the year as everyone is usually alot happier and care-free. There’s lots of talk about which Carnival fete (party) to attend and most importantly which Carnival Band to play mas with. Initially I was hoping for Carnival to pass quickly so the country could return to normal. Then I started listening to Soca Music, more specifically Machel Montano’s songs Endless WukLike Ah Boss and Remedy. By the next day, I knew I would be playing mas. I’ve only ever played mas with TRIBE’s Carnival Band because their service is unlike any other band and I’ve become somewhat spoilt by it. So I made a few phone calls and secured a costume within a few days. Now I haven’t really had time to do much since I started working in May 2014 so I welcomed the opportunity to do something for myself, especially an experience like this.

Studies have shown that the key to happiness is spending money on experiences instead of possessions and material objects. In one study, Cornell University researchers found that purchasing an experience improved well-being more than buying a possession, in part because people are more prone to comparisons and buyer’s remorse with material goods. Also, objects tend to deteriorate with time, but experiences can create lasting memories. If you share lessons or dinners and vacations with others, the social connections can make you happier, too, experts say. Even waiting for an experience apparently creates more happiness and excitement than waiting for a material item. By contrast, waiting for a possession is more likely filled with impatience than anticipation. Even bad experiences can one day become a story filled with humor or a great lesson learnt but not the same can be said about receiving a bad or defective product. Today is Carnival Monday in Trinidad and Tobago and tomorrow is considered Carnival Tuesday. If you’re in Trinidad and Tobago at the moment, I hope you have loads of fun and I look forward to seeing you on the road. If however, you’re not here in this beautiful country for these two days, enjoy the pics and videos online and I do hope you visit these beautiful islands for Carnival 2016.



2 thoughts on “Experiences and Possessions

  1. What does it mean to play mas?


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