Your Contribution

As I constantly redefine my goals and objectives in life, I ask myself, am I contributing to society and the lives of others and if so, what exactly am I contributing. I know we’ve been conditioned to think that we work an 8-4 or 9-5 job but what if we starting looking at it as our contribution to society. Instead of waking up and thinking “I must go to work today”, what if we start saying “I’m going to make my contribution to society for the day”. Many great people such as Thomas Edison, The Wright Brothers, Benjamin Franklin, James Watt, Alexander Graham Bell, Charles Babbage, Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Sir Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Nikola Tesla, Aristotle, Albert Einstein and many others, contributed so much to the lives we are so privileged to experience now. While their research and inventions helped to significantly improve the standard of living of society, your contribution can be as small as lending an ear to someone in your workplace who may be going through a tough time in life right now. As unique as you are is your contribution to this world. It’s up to you to listen to that voice within and determine what your contribution will be and how the uniqueness of you will be used to express such contribution. It’s also important that we remember that our contribution should not be compared to the contribution of others. It may be tempting to think that we need to contribute as much as Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey but sometimes we simply need to inspire someone or create the way for them to make their contribution. What’s most important is that you make your life one of purpose. Write so others can read, speak so others can listen, do so others can be inspired, create so others can experience and no matter what you do make sure you add value to society and the lives of others.

I found this very interesting article by Melissa Jean Quiter entitled Your Unique Contribution to the World – The Fingerprint of Your Soul. I hope you enjoy reading.


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