Young Love

Most adults consider young love to be somewhat frivolous. I remember one boyfriend I had at age 17, let’s call him KC. When you think of what young love should be, I think that relationship epitomised that for a while. We were young, playful, happy, enthusiastic about life and our relationship and most importantly we openly expressed how we felt about each other every opportunity we had. As time goes by and we experience life and other relationships, we tend to lose that innocence and openness with respect to love and relationships. We calculate everything when we get older and most times it’s according to standards society has set for us. It’s about all these areas of compatibility we need to look at and the love factor is not really given preference. We look at qualifications, employment, physical ability, family structure, social groups, peers and so many other areas, one would think it’s a job interview. Now please don’t misunderstand me, choosing to be in a relationship with someone should be a well thought out decision but I feel as if we’re calculating so much before making such a decision that we either can’t make a decision or we make one without the consideration of love. I understand that being calculated can help some people cope with the fear of failing in that relationship but I honestly do not believe that love can be calculated because God is love. When I think of my relationship with KC and how much fun we had, I always smile. We’re still good friends now and that is a friendship I will always cherish. When I envision my future relationship, it’s really important that it includes some element of young love. Other areas of my life require that I be extremely organised, responsible and serious that my personal life should keep me young at heart and balance out the rest of me.

“No one is too young for love, because love doesn’t come from mind, which knows your age, but from your heart, which knows no age.”


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