Pieces of God

It is no doubt that most of the conflict in the world is as a result of a difference of opinion and choices. Religious groups punish or look down on other religious groups because of differing beliefs and we end up in silly arguments with people close to us because they’re not in agreement with us. It’s human nature to fear what we do not understand and when those around us make life choices that we’re unfamiliar with, we sometimes criticize them for their decisions. Yesterday morning while praying, I thought about how different we are from each other and how beautiful those differences make us. We’re able to learn from each other and provide strength in an area another person may be weak in. We all have varying perspectives on life and once shared with others, this can help broaden our view on the way we can exist. It can be likened to us being pieces of a puzzle, that when completed, show us the image of God. Each piece of the puzzle is different in shape and or image. Each piece has a purpose and is not intended to be like any other piece. Once all the pieces of the puzzle can come together by understanding why each piece is different, accepting the differences and focusing on being one with each other, then we can see the image of God on the completed puzzle.


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