No balance without LOVE

Sometimes in life we go about our business thinking we’re doing the right thing without a second thought that we may not be taking the best approach. I recently found another mentor who is a partner in one of the major conglomerates here in Trinidad and Tobago. While I expected my conversations with him to be mainly professional, he is constantly reminding about the importance of love and companionship. On Friday night while chatting with him he told me that my life was not balanced. I constantly talk about all my professional goals, fitness goals and so many things I’m currently working on but hardly ever the mention of love and relationships. I will admit, his observation made me feel quite uncomfortable. The conversation ended but the feeling remained with me throughout the weekend. I attended a wedding on Saturday with one of my best friends and I was having a chat with his sister who is recently divorced. She has been lucky to find love again and I told her I admired her resilience. While chatting with her about my situation, she also mentioned that my life is not balanced at the moment, especially for my age.  As the weekend ended, at least 5 people in my life told me the same thing. Even though there are changes I would make to my life, I’m generally content with most aspects. I have many options for work, some that make me extremely happy and some that are not 100% me. I spend as much time as I can with my family and friends, even though my friends would sometimes mention my lack of presence. I guess I have been so comfortable with the way things are in my life, that I’ve had little incentive to make the change. To support one of my goals for 2015, in getting out of my comfort zone, I need to start giving love and companionship a bit more focus and balance out my life for greater success as I know the benefits are endless.


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