Life is like a Video Game

After writing about my god-daughter yesterday, I started to reminiscence about my childhood and what little I can remember about my personality before age 7. I distinctly remember sitting and thinking and trying to understand what life was about. I observed the people closest to me and what they did, to see if there were patterns in their lives that could help me to figure out what my life would be about. I came to the conclusion that I would go to pre-school, then primary school, then secondary school, go to University, get a great job, get married, have kids, raise my kids, wait for grand children, then die. After realising this, I was convinced there had to be more to life, this couldn’t possibly be God’s great plan. After further thinking, I came to the conclusion that life was like a video game. Now please remember I was not yet 7 years old, so this is the best analogy I could make at the time.

I looked at life as a video game from two perspectives, a macrocosmic and a microcosmic view. From a macrocosmic perspective, I believed that we came to this planet to master several things and just like a video game, when faced with a challenge, if we survive, we move forward in the game and if we died, we go to the start of the game to go over the same challenges until we have mastered them and then we move on in the new life. Now at this time in my life, I knew nothing about reincarnation but for some reason, I felt that when I died, I will somehow come back and keep coming back until I finished everything there was to learn and master. From a microcosmic perspective, I believed that when I’m faced with an obstacle in life, very similar to being faced with an obstacle or a character that is trying to defeat me in a video game, it’s important that I learn all the necessary skills to overcome that obstacle or character, so when faced with it again, I’ll know exactly how to navigate to surpass that. One of the most beautiful things about a child’s mind is it’s ability to be limitless. It’s only through the interaction with the world and the people in it, that children start placing limits on themselves and what can be done in the world.


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