Learning from Children

On March 1st 2013, my god-daughter Faith came into this world. At the time, things in my life were a bit challenging so I welcomed this beautiful distraction. She brought such joy into my life and I love watching her grow and develop her personality. One of the things I noticed early on about Faith, was that she was extremely determined. I was always left fascinated by the extent of her what she would do to get a hold of something she wants and I was very inspired by this. Observing her made me realise how much I could learn from her even though she was just a few months old. As adults we often think that we are the teachers and children should learn from us and hardly ever consider the situation in reverse. Her determination has inspired me greatly and has helped me to become more determined and driven with respect to accomplishing my goals. Another quality I admire about my god-daughter is her ability to speak her mind and say what she wants, sometimes even in a demanding way. She is not yet two years old but she can construct 5 word sentences. Even if it’s to ask you to leave her alone, to kindly be quiet or to request that you polish her toe nails, she is quite fearless when putting herself out there. At almost two years old, she is already the dominant one between her and her four year old sister Charlize.

After going through some challenging times over the past two years, I am more firm and confident when requesting the things I want out of life or from others. In the past I wasted too much time compromising the things that were important to me out of fear of the reaction of others. I had to learn to make tough decisions and stand by whatever decision I made, regardless of the outcome. I think this is an essential managerial/entrepreneurial quality. In life, a single decision will not make everyone happy but making a bad decision is better than making no decision at all. Here is a great article about this from http://www.entrepreneur.com.

“Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time.” Rabindranath Tagore


One thought on “Learning from Children

  1. Truly inspiring.


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