The uniqueness of you

It is a beautiful thing that we’re all different. We have so much to contribute to the world we live in, we have different perspectives on the same things and we all don’t want the same experiences out of life. Growing up, my father believed that his ideals should be your ideals and for some time I accepted his word without question. As I became older and I understood a bit more about life and myself, I realised that I disagreed with much of what was told to me. I became more aware of myself and who I wanted to be and the more this happened, the more I realised that I found no one who was exactly like me. While I may connect with someone intellectually, socially we may not be on par. This also happened with areas such as spirituality, lifestyle preferences, health and fitness choices, education and so on.

Sometimes when people think they love, what they are really admire is the reflection of themselves in the other person. The traits of yourself that you can find in another can be quite appealing and in some instances even appalling. That’s why it’s so easy for some of us to dislike those who are different from us or have varying preferences in life. To have others think and act the way we do tend to give a sense of comfort and assurance that what we’re doing is just and right. To have the feeling of belonging to a group is a natural human tendency. However, to comfortably stand alone knowing that you’re not adopting anyone’s standard for life takes a strength in character that requires time and effort to develop or simply a KMA (Kiss My A**) attitude.

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” – Margaret Mead


One thought on “The uniqueness of you

  1. […] up to you to listen to that voice within and determine what your contribution will be and how the uniqueness of you will be used to express such contribution. It’s also important that we remember that our […]


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