The Art of Being

Yesterday evening on my way home I thought about attracting things into my life for the new year 2015. The law of attraction works when we are in a state of already having and not in a state of want. Not too long after I got home, a friend called me with a reading he said reminded him of me and it is something I would like to share today. It’s an excerpt entitled “The Art of Being” from the book Shock Therapy for a Brain Dead World by Gyeorgos C. Hanton.

The art of being is the assumption that you may possess, this very minute, those qualities of spirit and attitudes of mind that make for a radiant living. It is a philosophy of being today, instead of “becoming” in a tomorrow that never comes. It is recognising that courage, joy, serenity, faith, hope and love are immediately available now and preceding to open yourself so these qualities can be expressed through you in everyday living. It is following the maxim of Shakespeare: “Assume a virtue though you have it not… knowing that the dynamic power of habit can build it into your character”. It is being great now, being forgiving now, being tolerant now, being happy now, being successful now, instead of postponing positive and constructive living to some vague and indefinite future.

It is knowing that when we move into the future it becomes the NOW, and that now is the appointed time! It is facing the fact that your biggest task is not to get ahead of others but to surpass yourself. It is wasting no time dreaming about the rich life you may live next year, or ten years from now; it is beginning to live at your best right now, today. It is heeding the wisdom of the ancient Chinese seer who observed: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” and it is taking that step today. It is beginning today to be the person who you want to be. It is developing an awareness of the infinite possibilities in each magic moment. It is enlarging the now by pouring into it intense creative energy. It is immortalising the present moment that your life may have eternal significance. It is coming into a full realisation that the Master voiced the secret of victorious being, when He declared that the Kingdom of God is not afar off but that it is within you now. 

So be it. I also hear most often: “…but I only intended to…”. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions!


2 thoughts on “The Art of Being

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