Remote working

When I attend the Microsoft M4 event about a month ago, one of the things I loved most was how Microsoft in Trinidad has embraced remote working. At NIBTT, this is yet to happen. Yesterday I had a quick chat with one of my co-workers who is also a mother of two beautiful little girls and she expressed her feelings about the commute to work, the management of her time and her productivity with regards to work and her personal life. Remote work is not extremely common here in Trinidad and Tobago, especially in the government sector. Every day so many persons, including myself leave home at 5AM to get to work in the Capital City for 8AM to avoid the horror and stress of dealing with the traffic. Most of the employees in my department have given up on arriving at work by 8AM and some actually arrive at 10AM or later. Another co-worker mentioned the effect the commute had on his health in the past, so he can no longer get to work for 8AM, he gets to the office whenever he can. This is really sad. Remote working is not something everyone will want as some folks are unable to be productive at home, which was a point expressed by a third co-worker in my department. A software development team is one of the easiest groups that remote working can be tested on to see how it can be implemented in other departments. My co-worker with the two daughters asked if it was something I can bring up again that can be considered, even if it’s for one day. I hope one day management at NIBTT can realise the benefit of remote work for some departments and some employees.


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