Entrepreneurial Spirituality

In 2006, I developed a habit of meditating for about 15-30 minutes everyday at noon. While I have not been as consistent as I would like to be with my meditations, I still make the effort when I can. It is my goal for 2015 to make this more of a daily habit than I currently do. As I thought about today’s blog post this morning, I received an email about Spiritual Fitness from Brandon Epstein’s Entrepreneurial Fitness. In the email the day before from Brandon, he mentioned the 4 pillars of Entrepreneurial Fitness. These include:

Spiritual Fitness: Developing a purpose driven vision that aligns your daily actions with your goals and aspirations.

Physical Fitness: Creating your dream body, perfect health and having the energy you need to achieve the success you desire.

Emotional Fitness: Developing the ability to overcome stressors without becoming overwhelmed. Learning the tools to keep you positive and enjoy the process of building your empire.

Mental Fitness: Gaining the ability to access flow states (your mental zone); as well as improve creativity, focus and clarity.

He stated that the reason for spiritual fitness is to give you purpose. To make you feel like you are working towards something that is greater than yourself. Brandon defines spiritual fitness as the conviction to follow through with daily actions that align with a purpose driven vision. Without that strong WHY, we can eventually burn out or lose interest.

To start building Entrepreneurial Fitness Brandon recommends you start by finding out exactly what it is you desire and then creating an identity that will get you that desired outcome. Once you discover what it is that you want you can hold yourself to standards and values everyday that will keep you aligned with your greater purpose. Having strong spiritual fitness is something we must train daily, it’s all a process of growth.

Brandon recommends this article to help you find out exactly what it is you desire and then create an identity that will get you that desired outcome.


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