Entrepreneur Fitness

I’ve heard over and over from podcasts, watched countless videos and read numerous articles that emphasised the correlation between physical training and one’s approach to professional work, whether you’re an entrepreneur or you’re employed by someone else. I paid my first gym membership at the age of 16 and I’ve been working out since then. I realised early on in life the importance of not just being active but being disciplined with it. While I would have altered my days at the gym to work with other life priorities like family, university and my job, it’s always something that’s a part of my life. My workout sessions happen even while I’m out of the gym. I usually visualise the weights I would like to push or lift before I go to the gym and before I perform the exercise. This concept of visualising, believing then actualising is important in many others areas of my life especially as an entrepreneur. Training at the gym also helps me to come out of my comfort zone. For the most part of this year, I trained in my comfort zone and this was evident in the way I approached other areas of my life. I know I’m not really pushing myself with weights when I don’t feel the need to train with my belt. I decided that’s going to change for 2015. I’ll be trying a new workout routine that will definitely take me out of my comfort zone, is based around consistently training heavier and one that I’ve never done before. These are qualities that I definitely need to develop in my professional life as an entrepreneur. I need to operate outside of my comfort zone a bit more to build my confidence, I need to push myself to do more or constantly challenge myself by increasing the intensity of the work I do and I definitely need to try new things. There are many correlations between physical fitness and professional readiness and building qualities in one area will definitely have a positive effect on the other area. I’ve also recently started listening to Brandon Epstein’s podcast Entrepreneur Fitness to help me master this aspect of my life.


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