Grades for the Java class

Yesterday I completed marking all the coursework and final exam papers for my Java class from this semester. I’m very thankful that all my students passed, some with higher marks than others. One of my students scored a disappointing 25% on one of his assignments simply because he had too much going on at the time and was not motivated enough to complete the coursework. Despite the number of exercises given and the fact that I prepared a mock exam, some students did not answer the questions in the final exam as well as I’d hope. The lowest mark for the final exam was 50% and the highest was 90%. I can accept this but sometimes no matter how much information you provide to students to aid in the preparation of examinations, it’s up to them to make that effort.


One thought on “Grades for the Java class

  1. Hi Nekelle, as a lecturer myself, it is sometimes disheartening when students don’t do well…especially for me because I know the saving grace that education provides. We just have to be comforted by the fact that we have done all that we can.


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