Lift Off with Celestial Technologies

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On Saturday, I was given the opportunity to market my company and its services at Lift Off for Idea 2 Innovation (i2i) at the Radisson Hotel, Port-of-Spain Trinidad. The event was organised by Gerard Thomas and his team and it was geared towards individuals who were awarded i2i grants. i2i is an ideas challenge where persons are invited to submit innovative ideas for a chance to win support to move those ideas to the proof of concept stage. I was really impressed with the organisation of the event but a bit disappointed that not as many i2i awardees attended the event as I expected. Nevertheless, everything worked out great. I had the opportunity to speak with individuals about how I can add value to their work and their company by the services I provide. My mentor Ian Alleyne also helped with the preparation for the event and was there on Saturday as he is a past i2i awardee.


Being invited to this event also forced me to have my new business cards done. John Lee Dumas constantly reminds his audience of Parkinson’s law, which states, “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”. I have to admit that I procrastinated a bit too much on this and luckily for me, I couldn’t find the images for my old business cards.  I decided to call upon Rondell Paul for my design and he introduced me to Mikee for my printing. I must say, working with these two guys was so smooth and I’ll recommend them to anyone. My Aunt Bernice was also of great help to me as she organised the printing of the Self Mastery & Fate Cycles brochures and the Celestial Technologies signs. Overall, this weekend was great and I thank Gerard Thomas and his team for inviting me and everyone who assisted me with my preparation.


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