YoPro Global


Yesterday at the Hyatt, I met up with Ty Richardson and Brett Torina from YoPro Global. YoPro Global is a social impact community for graduates and young professionals. The company’s objective is to provide an eco-system for graduating students and young professionals, where they have a forum to explore career interests, interact with experienced professionals, make friends and find resources that advance their careers. Ty, Brett and the rest of the YoPro Global Team have been busy hosting networking events in Trinidad since they’ve been here this year. I was given the contact information for Ty by a past UTT student, Jamila Banister. Ty and Brett are in the early stages of conceptualising the vision for the mobile application for YoPro Global but essentially it will be a mix of networking and gaming features. Ty and Brett are leaving Trinidad for the US next week to return to Trinidad early next year. During that time, I will be working on some screen mock ups for the application based on what was discussed and hopefully we can take things further from there when they return. Based on what was discussed, I wish this was an application that was available right now. The features to be offered would be of great use to me in developing my skills as an up and coming entrepreneur. I love what YoPro Global is doing in Trinidad and around the world right now and I’m excited to see the impact the organisation will have on professional networking in Trinidad and Tobago for young professionals. With such emphasis being placed on developing young professionals and young entrepreneurs, I hope this will help to improve the way of business is conducted in Trinidad and Tobago and eventually have a positive impact on the quality of service given to customers by businesses here in this country.


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