No such thing as a coincidence


About 3 weeks ago, I attended an event hosted by Microsoft at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad. At that event I saw Brian Wood, a past manager from the Mobile Department at TSTT, a company I worked with from 2002 to 2005. I was hesitant to approach him and I left the event without saying hello. A few days later, I saw his profile on LinkedIn and decided to send an invitation to connect and he accepted. Yesterday I attended the Business Meetup at Arthur Lok Jack School of Business with Ian Alleyne. At the event, there were several people from the Startup Weekend I attended a few weeks ago and there was also Brian Wood. This time I approached him and said hello. When I introduced myself, I was pleased to find out that Brian read my blog post that same morning after seeing it on his LinkedIn news feed. Brian also remembered my father Ronald Celestine from TSTT but from all my father’s time at TSTT in Management, Brian remembers my father for his cooking ability…lol and I must admit, he’s quite an incredible chef.

I took the opportunity while chatting with Brian to showcase one of my iPhone applications, Self Mastery & Fate Cycles. This iPhone app reveals a system which shows you how you can take advantage of certain periods to bring success, happiness, health, and prosperity into your life. Brian was quite interested in the application, unfortunately, he does not own an iPhone, which reminded me of the work I need to do to promote the application. The amazing thing is that I’m currently not doing any advertising for my apps but I’m still receiving downloads daily. This is a clear indication of the potential of the apps once I invest my time and resources in promoting it.

I asked Brian about the work he is currently doing and what he’s excited about right now. Brian’s company Briza Technologies Limited, works with Mobile Epiphany, a company in Denver Colorada focusing on Process Automation. He later sent me a video showcasing the products and services offered by his company, which you can take a look at by clicking here.  While giving a brief explanation about the services offered by his company, I realised that it would be good for him to speak with Kirt Hills, who works in the Oil & Gas Industry. I introduced the both of them and I hope something great comes out of that meeting. Kirt also spoke with me about building a mobile application to demonstrate to the management team at his company. Even though the deadline for the prototype is next week Wednesday, I would still like to speak with him to see if I can work miracles with my time and help him with his presentation.

Overall yesterday’s Business Meetup was worth it. Initially I was not feeling well and contemplated attending but as Ian says, out motto is “Show Up”. Being present makes the difference.


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