Just one more class

For the past three weeks, I’ve held make-up classes in addition to my regular classes, which meant I lectured from Monday to Friday either 5PM to 8PM or 5PM to 9PM. This has been a crazy schedule more so because I’m still maintaining my 8AM-4PM job. Yesterday should have been my last C++ class, however, a few of my students requested that we have an additional class. There are two days next week assigned for revision by the University that I will use to give the students who missed assessments, an opportunity to come to class to submit their work and also review any concepts covered throughout the semester that was not fully understood. Most students are usually happy for classes to end but it felt really great hearing students say I’m their favourite lecturer…not sure if they’re trying to get extra marks lol, request that I teach them other courses as well as ask for an additional class. These are the moments that make lecturing so worth it.

Check out this book – Lecturing: A Practical Guide


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