Microsoft M4: Re-imagining Your Business in a Digital World


Yesterday I attended Microsoft’s first-ever local conference entitled M4: An Event by Microsoft– Re-imagining Your Business in a Digital World at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad. A major feature of the conference were the 14 speakers who discussed how businesses can be transformed to achieve increased productivity, the use of their data to analyze trends, which would lead to strategic marketing and increased sales as well as operating in a mobile world where employees can use various devices that are integrated for efficiency, all while ensuring the company’s sensitive data is safe and protected. The keynote address, Re-imagining Your Business, was delivered by Mariana Castro, General Manager, LATAM New Markets, who is responsible for the success of Microsoft’s business and partner relationships in this region. Now I’m an Apple girl, so I’m not necessarily buying into all Microsoft’s products but the features of the products and what can be accomplished from the use of them were what I was most interested in. Those benefits can be derived from other applications on other platforms.

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