Handling disrespect

The fact remains that not all students will respect you. One of my students is usually very grumpy, which is quite sad considering he’s such a young man. He enters the classroom, you smile at him and greet him, he’s upset that you’re smiling at him. It’s always a learning experience for me to meet individuals like this. Yesterday in class he decided to wear headphones while I was lecturing. It’s important that I have my students’ full attention when explaining a new concept and while I tried to get his attention he completely ignored me. Students who usually play this game are seeking attention and desire to feel a sense of power over the lecturer, the environment and the situation. They may have had an upbringing where they were not given much love and attention, they were dominated by another in the household or they have low self esteem and can only feel confident by making others feel bad about themselves. Either way, I was not deeply offended but I did feel sorry for him. This type of behaviour is more common with teenagers, so to find someone in their twenties or possibly thirties behaving this way, it was quite a shock.


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