Juggling a full time job while getting your business off the ground

Over the past couple of years, I’ve had many business ideas and whenever one pops into my head, I create a folder on my laptop with its name and ever so often I attend to it, visualise about it and see the impact it can have on my community, my country and the entire world. At the moment, I have my technology company that I really need to focus on, but juggling 2 jobs and my own business is quite a challenge, one that I’m handling pretty ok for now. Luckily for me, my lecturing duties will be completed at the end of November leaving me with time to give my focus to Celestial Technologies Limited, while still reserving some time for correcting papers and preparing next semesters course content. The aim of Celestial Technologies Limited is to create technology that can help people improve their lives and evolve. At the moment, this isn’t really happening but I am starting to see avenues by which I can meet my ultimate goal. The Universe knows it’s my long term goal to continue teaching and someday do public speaking while working for myself doing research and the work I love but there are some lessons that need to be learnt before I devote myself fully to those ventures. I am currently putting things in place for lecturing to be my main job from January 2015, which would give me the resources to focus on my company. While I would have preferred to work as an iOS Developer in the UK and gain some valuable experience, I have to push forward hoping that the knowledge and experience I have is good enough for me to complete the work I’m most passionate about. For anyone who is currently juggling their full time job while working on their company outside of work hours, they can honestly agree that this road is not made for the weak at heart.

Some general tips for anyone looking to leave a full time job to start their own business would be:

  1. Don’t quit your job too soon. This may be quite tempting but you need to ensure that you’re leaving at the right time. If this isn’t well planned out, you may end up moving back in with your parents or finding another job.
  2. Always end on a good note with your employer.
  3. Ensure you have good family support. If things don’t pick up as quickly as you would like them to, you need to have people around you to help through the tough times.
  4. Plan your company’s budget. This is crucial to ensure that you can give your company the focus it needs while expenses are being covered. It is sometimes advisable that you save at least 6 months of operating costs for your company before leaving your full time job.
  5. Ensure there is a substantial need for the product or service you are providing. This will help to guarantee longevity of your company.
  6. Become an expert in your business area of choice.
  7. Find key mentors and advisors.

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