My Imperfect Day

If asked to describe my perfect day, it would not be what I’m doing right now. I am indeed grateful for all my blessings and streams of income but my main 8-4 job is affecting my overall motivation for other work. Where attention goes, energy flows and things grow, so I’m trying my best to make my attention go towards the opportunities I would like to see happen for myself rather than the job I’m currently doing that I will be leaving soon. I have set in my mind that I will be leaving this job at the end of the year and I’m constantly visualising new opportunities and work that I have currently set into motion, that will be finalised and approved in my favour. I remember months ago working for myself from home, earning less income and being so much happier and fulfilled. Passion is an incredible thing. No amount of money can compensate for the joy derived from doing work you’re most passionate about. While my perfect day does not involve life in Trinidad and Tobago, my perfect day while in this country will include me lecturing and having the extra time to work on my business which has hardly gotten any attention from me within the past couple of weeks.


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