What are your plans?

Yesterday I received a phone call from a recruiter in the UK who I spoke with a couple times a few weeks ago. It was great chatting with him as his energy always leaves me pumped after our phone calls. He wanted an update on my progress with securing an iOS Developer role in the UK. I updated him on my mom’s health situation and my change in plans. I’m open to remote contract iOS Developer roles but not anything that would require me to relocate anytime soon. During our chat, he asked about my blog and my future intentions for the blog, as we discussed this previously. I’m glad I had this conversation with him. There’s something about someone asking questions about your goals and plans that helps to bring a sense of clarification about the intended process for achievement. If you cannot explain it to someone, you probably don’t have a clear picture in your head. Visualisation is so important when it comes to achieving anything as mental creation precedes physical creation and that which you think about you bring about. I will be using December to make changes to “Help Me Land That Job” to turn in into the resource I would like it to be.


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