Broaden your Perspective

Yesterday I held a makeup session for my C++ class. In that class there are two brothers and I find it quite sweet that they have chosen to study together. They introduced me to their blog This blog is based on their reviews of various books and movies. I mentioned to them that I have a blog as well and I encourage all students to use blogs as a way to be expressive and creative. One of my students asked if a blog can be likened to a journal/diary and I said yes. He responded by saying men don’t keep diaries. I’m not sure if he realised how my perception of him changed with that response. His response showed a lack of knowledge or limited perspective on life. In the Caribbean, I’ve noticed that among some groups of men, there is an unnecessary sense of macho-ism and I find it quite disappointing at times. In Trinidad and Tobago, among some groups of people, blogging is a very foreign concept. I decided to use this opportunity in the class to list numerous benefits of keeping a blog and how you can eventually monetise your blog with the hopes of encouraging them to look into it. I encouraged the students to keep a blog about their experience at the University as this can actually help them when job hunting later on. There are many people who have never considered life outside of their country and have not really questioned what they’ve been shown or taught. They simply accept what they’ve been handed and continue the cycle. Living outside of Trinidad and Tobago for two years and having travelled have really helped me see how much needs to be done in my society and how many things we should be grateful for.


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