Finding & following your passion

It can be considered a sad day when you’ve come to the realisation that you no longer have any passion for the job you are currently employed to do. That day can also be an eye opening one as it now leaves you to wonder what can you do now to earn income and still be extremely happy. It’s a great feeling to finally realise some of the things in life that you are most passionate about. The security of a paycheque may be enough for some but there are many people out there who need to feel that rush, that burn, take risks and experience a sense of accomplishment that a steady paycheque cannot provide. Knowing when to quit your current job and move on to work that fuels the fire that helps you wake up everyday enthusiastic and ready to take on the day, is very important. For some, it’s immediate, not too much thought will go into the move but simply action and for others careful financial planning needs to be taken into consideration. Whichever approach is taken, the important thing is to follow your passion, take risks, be bold, speak your desires into being, think about them every day and every chance you get and be ridiculously excited about your plans. Napoleon Hill informs us that it is a ‘known fact’ that thoughts backed by emotions have the greatest influence on our subconscious mind. All physical creation is preceded by mental creation, so start thinking about your perfect job, your perfect day and your perfect life and find and follow your passions in life.


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