Differing views

The next 3 weeks will be very demanding for me as I will be lecturing classes from Monday to Friday after working at my 8-4 job, as there are make-up classes to conduct. This weekend was very important to me to help in the preparation for classes for this upcoming week. A childhood friend of mine is currently in Trinidad and he wanted to spend sometime catching up. For most of the time he’s been here I have been very busy with work but I was able to see him for short periods for about 3 of the days he’s been here. My schedule is sometimes not easy for some people to understand, especially in a somewhat laid back culture like Trinidad and Tobago. He actually prompted me to choose between my work and spending time with him and obviously I chose my work. I have my priorities and I know the times I am able to focus on socialising and now is not the time. I am working towards making certain things happen for myself in life and unfortunately not everyone will agree with my approach but I know I can live with the decisions I am making. I tend to distance myself from people who are always trying to convince me to slow down or take a break, especially when that break time would involve them trying to occupy my time. His view of work is that we work to live, whereas I see work as my opportunity to contribute to society. It’s not always about the paycheque and that’s where our views differ. It’s something I have learned to accept with many people.


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