Java Threads

Yesterday in the Java class, I revisited the concept of Threads with the students and I am so glad I did. I prepared a class exercise that initially focused on the theory aspect of threads then we moved gradually into the coding, increasing difficulty with each question. For all the exercises in the past, the students used Eclipse to compile and run the code but yesterday I asked them to do everything on paper. The final examination set by the University is written and this approach while practicing will best prepare them for what to expect for the exam. The theory was pretty easy and straightforward but when we got down to the practical exercises some students struggled. Only one student remembered to define the run( ) method in the Thread subclass and she executed one of the questions so perfectly, that I asked the other students to take a look at her solution. I later thanked her for doing such a great job and to keep up the good work. The next class will be the quiz and for the rest of the semester I will be focusing on the topic of files then exercises to prepare for the final exam.


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