A Definite Do-Over

Yesterday I wrapped up the topic of Threads in Java covering thread basics, the 2 ways to create a thread, the activities of the thread’s life cycle, writing multithreaded programs, sharing access to data, synchronisation and the use of monitors and semaphores. I was not comfortable with the response from the class while lecturing the topic, so for tomorrow’s class, I’ll postpone the Quiz to next week Tuesday and do a repeat of the Threads concepts with some more examples and exercises. At this point, I do not feel comfortable about the way the topic was received by the students. It is extremely important to me to ensure that the students understand the concepts before I move on. We have 10 more sessions scheduled, 7 regular sessions and 3 make-up classes. One of those sessions will be used for the reviewing threads, another session for 2 quizzes and the other 8 sessions for file access and exam preparation. I also found a really great handout from IBM that I’ll be using to guide the class tomorrow which I believe flows through the concept quite well, so that should be helpful.


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