The Interview after the job

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been talking about my lecturing duties at the University of Trinidad and Tobago. I previously lectured at the University from January 2008 for almost 3 years and I have always maintained great relationships with the staff at the organisation. So when I decided to go back to lecture part time, I sent an email to one of the program directors indicating my interest and that was it. Due to the fact that part time lecturers are always needed and sometimes at the last minute, the recruitment process can a bit different at times. In my case, I was hired and have been working for almost 2 months, without pay of course and now my interview is today. It may sound a bit crazy to many but I guess when there are students to be taught, having an instructor present is more important than protocol. I guess it also helped that I previously lectured one of the courses I was assigned to teach, back in 2008. Once everything goes well today, I will be issued a contract and be financially compensated for all my work done thus far. When I was initially informed of the process, I must admit I was a bit confused but I totally understand now that the education of the students is of greater priority when time to follow protocol is not really an option.


One thought on “The Interview after the job

  1. Great faith, sacrifice and magnanimity…


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