A balanced life

At the beginning of December, my part-time lecturing duties will come to an end for this semester. This will give me some more time to update my apps and think of new projects. I will be making some personal and professional changes for 2015 which would give me more time to rest at night and bring more balance to my life. I currently get less than 6 hours sleep on most nights even though my ultimate time is 6-7 hours which I can wake up from without an alarm clock and have great performance throughout the day without that need for my morning cup of Joe. I would still continue lecturing, coding and working on my business but I need to also ensure that I am able to spend more time with my family. While my mom has been slowly recovering, I have been thinking about changes to make in my life that would be benefit my health and the relationships in my life. I am currently single with no children, so that gives me tons of flexibility and time for work but balance is important in life. I will continue to work every day of the week but I’ll definitely cut down the number of hours on Saturdays to 8-10 and Sundays to about 2-4 to spend more time with the people I love and focus more on spirituality. I am quite comfortable working 10-12 hour days on weekdays so I’ll be keeping things this way until I have a reason to change it. Ever since I’ve known myself, I’ve enjoyed working hard and smart but knowing that I will one day be leaving Trinidad, I should also use the opportunity while I’m here to communicate with and visit the people most dear to me a bit more often.


One thought on “A balanced life

  1. I enjoy reading your blog a lot. All the best with mom and good luck with next year’s changes, if anyone can do it, I’m sure you can.


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