Yesterday before lecturing my Java class, I had a really great conversation with a friend I have a great amount of love for. He currently lives in Boston but has lived in New York for most of his years. His mom isn’t well at the moment and he decided to move to Boston to be with her during her time of need. When we spoke yesterday, he reminded me that I have one mother and I should stay in Trinidad and be here for her in her time of need. It would indeed be heartbreaking to know I walked away from family to pursue my professional goals when my family needed me the most. I will still follow my dream but for now I need to assess what’s most important and most valuable to me. To hear him talk about his professional sacrifice for the sake of an ill parent was quite humbling for me. Having had the goal of being an iOS Developer in the UK for such a long time has made so focused on achieving it, that very little could stop me from leaving but thanks to the wise words of a very dear friend I have made a bit of a detour in my journey. I have the following affirmation on my bedroom wall that I constantly say to myself “I follow my dreams no matter what”, and I need to remind myself that slowing down and postponing may sometimes be a good thing.


One thought on “Advice

  1. Nekelle, you’re not the only one going through stuff, it figures…


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