Learning & Testing

This week is mid-terms at the University and I would be testing my Java and C++ classes. I’m excited to see how these students perform in the examinations as this is not only a test of how well they understand the work but also a test of how well I perform as an instructor. I try to teach in such a way that I incorporate a little of the three main learning styles. For those auditory learners, I explain the concepts in class usually following from a powerpoint presentation, for the visual learners I will use examples on the board as well as in the handouts and for the kinesthetic leaners I will give exercises in class as well as practice exercises at home. I also refer the students to videos on Youtube and Udemy so they can look at the concepts before class and review them after class to reinforce what was learnt. I hope my approach works and they are understanding what is being taught. I guess by next week I’ll know if my approach is working and where I may need to make improvements.


One thought on “Learning & Testing

  1. I almost always learn somethg new when reading your blog…


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