Multilingual Programmer

For the most part of this year I’ve been working with Objective-C creating apps for iOS devices. However, my recent role as an Analyst Programmer reacquainted me with Java, HTML, CSS and JavaScript while my lecturing duties at the University involves working mainly with Java and C++. I still work with Objective-C on weekends or sometimes after work in the evenings. This is the first time I’ve ever juggled so many languages at one time and it’s quite an eye opener. I’ve noticed more similarities and differences among the languages than I ever did before. For instance, Objective-C Protocols basically provide the same functionality as that of Java Interfaces, Objective-C uses ARC (previously MRC) and Java uses Garbage collections, Objective-C is generally dynamically typed whereas Java is generally statically typed, Objective-C is based on C and Java is based on C++ and so on. While I don’t currently use other languages I learned in University such as Pascal, ML, PHP, Prolog, ASP.NET as well as Oracle Databases, I think the knowledge has been quite beneficial in my way of thinking as a programmer. I’m not trying to be Jack-of-all-trades here as I know specialisation is key to productivity and I prefer to work with Objective-C and Java and eventually Swift, but it’s really good to have a foundational understanding of other languages. I even tried dabbling with Ruby on Rails a few months ago. I intend to focus on becoming more proficient with Objective-C and Java over the next couple of months and eventually move on to Swift as needed.


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