Introduction to Computers and Programming

On Mondays I lecture from 5PM to 9PM at the University of Trinidad and Tobago on Introduction to Computers and Programming. This course introduces students to the concept of programming using C++. This is a prerequisite course and these students are registered to study Electrical Engineering so the enthusiasm for programming isn’t quite there and I understand. Yesterday we covered Control Structures categorising the structures according to sequential, selection (decision) and repetition (looping). The switch statement and for loop were the most difficult for the students to grasp but we have not started coding just yet so everything is explained using pseudocode. Next week is the first quiz on the Software Development Life Cycle, so the following week we will be coding using C++ in Eclipse. I have 15 students in this class, 14 male and 1 female and I enjoy every moment of it. I’m excited to get to the coding part of the course as this really helps to put things into perspective for the students and help them to see what they can do with the language. It would be great to see at least one student love coding so much that he or she switches to the Software Engineering program :-). In the mean time I’ve given them a great PDF tutorial from which I also referenced while completing my MSc at the University of Westminster. Over the next few days, I would send the students links to videos that cover what was done is class so far, so we can move forward with everyone having grasped the foundation concepts.


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