Today I’ll be writing about REST, not Representational State Transfer but the form of regeneration that we humans need every night. I will admit, that I don’t get as much rest as the doctor would recommend but the way I look at life is that I can spend my time resting then look back regretting not accomplishing my goals or I can push myself while listening to my body and be contented with the efforts I made. So I get about 3 hours per night with about 2 half hour naps in the day, when things are really crazy which does not happen on a weekly basis, about 5 hours sleep per night when pushing it, 6 hours per night on a regular basis and about 7 hours a night at least once per week. Yes I know sleep is necessary and I’m working on it. There is so much I want to do with my life and some goals I can see just right before me that sometimes I sleep simply because I know I’ll eventually burn out, get the flu and shut down, which is even more down time from work than sleep. Last night some unexpected circumstances forced me to go to bed at 11:30PM without preparing for this morning. I woke up at 1:30AM to prepare for the day as well as a 4AM technical interview. This did not go well. My gut told me to postpone the interview as I knew my brain would not be as responsive as it should be for technical questions. I contacted the recruiter and he suggested I speak with the company representative. I am so thankful that the company was willing to postpone to next week. While I am trying to work miracles with my 24 hours and make so many of my dreams a reality, REST is extremely important, at least for 6 hours per night. I constantly read about getting the necessary 6-8 hours rest per night and I constantly tell myself once this is accomplished I’ll get 7 hours sleep per night, then it moves on to the next goal and the next goal…lol. I’m not sure if it’s normal for the things I’m passionate about to be pushing me to the point where I’m willing to sacrifice sleep and my health to accomplish them but it’s something I’ve realised is just a part of my character. There have been nights while working on an iOS app that I have to force myself to bed simply because I know I’ll be useless in the gym for my workout in the morning. I know I’m a bit addicted to my work but it’s an addiction I think I can live with :-).


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