My Morning Routine

Over the past few weeks I’ve been making some adjustments to my schedule, with me making even more changes this weekend. Before my wake up time could be anywhere between 4:00AM and 4:30AM but now it “MUST” be 4:00AM and on mornings when I schedule a 4:00AM interview, I need to be awake by 3:00AM. As I tell my colleagues and my students, I try to squeeze the life out of the 24 hours God gave to me. Once I’m up at 4:00AM, I can be driving out of my street by 4:25AM to head to the gym. I usually have a 30 minute commute to the City and the gym is a 5 minute drive from the office. I would get to the gym at 5:00AM and I would take the time to sit in my car and pray before heading to my workout. Every year my mother gives me a Daily Bread book filled with inspirational scriptures and topics for each day of the year. I would read the day’s topic and accompanying scripture reading as well as other scriptures in the Bible along with my personal prayers of gratitude to the Universe for all that I’ve been blessed with. This would usually take around 10 to 15 minutes. I actually have an alarm to stop me from praying as sometimes this time can just pass me by and I’ll be sitting in my car for quite some time lol. I would workout for about an hour and yes another alarm goes off to let me know it’s time to stop working out. This would be around 6:15AM. It takes me 30 minutes to get ready and leave the gym and yes my alarm also goes off at 6:45AM to remind me of this. I would get to the office around 6:55AM and start getting settled in for the day. On the days I woke up at 4:30AM, everything would have been pushed back by a half hour. With recruiter interest in my CV now building up and me getting those early morning calls, it’s a great incentive to be up pretty early. Also scheduling interviews at 4:00AM means there would not be too much disruption to my daily schedule.

I’m constantly reviewing my schedule to find time to juggle my 8-4 job, lecture 10 hours a week and prepare for those lectures, work on my mobile apps, learn new iOS features, make time for fitness and my dragon boating, make time for spiritual development, spend time with family and friends and most importantly…SLEEP. It’s a constant work in progress but it’s work I’m willing to put in.


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