Google API

For the past 2-3 weeks I’ve been working on integrating the Google API to view videos for a youtube channel in one of my apps on Apple’s App Store – Self Mastery & Fate Cycles. Thankfully that was sorted out this weekend. I am now able to build without errors and use the appropriate GET request for the JSON data I need. For now this only works on the simulator so I need to figure out why it can’t be run on my iPhone. I must admit that Google’s documentation for Objective-C is not quite thorough and it could have saved me alot of time if it was. Once this is completed and the videos are being viewed in the application, I’ll have to implement this in another one of my apps on Apple’s App Store – I’m Santana. I used somewhat of a work-around in these two applications in the previous versions which has now resulted in the feature not working, even though they worked fine before. So now I’ll spend my time doing it correctly. It’s really important for users to have the full functionality of the app as it is advertised and also when recruiters are checking out my apps, that all the features are working so they can really see what I can do.


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